Mumbai is seriously heating up. March is not even over yet and i can’t do without the fan although all the windows are wide open. The boys don’t want to wear clothes and are running around in cool little vest and undies.  I have been trying to find some ways to beat the heat.

Here are some things that we have tried out:

  1. Water play: i give the boys a little water in a bucket and in their tub and a whole bunch of plastic containers and cups of different sizes. They spend lots of time time just pouring water from one thing into another and they finish play by splashing each other. The bathroom resounds with loud squeals and the kids seem to have a blast. Squirty toys also add to the fun.
  2. Playing with ice cubes: tyhe boys love ice. they suck o it, they drop it in water, they throw it on the floor and then try can pick it up with their mouth. They swim in the cold puddle on the floor
  3. ice-painting: i put a few blobs of paint on a paper and give the kids ice cubes to swirls around. creates fun art and is a great way to cool off too!
  4. ice-lollies: i was inspired by recipe online:

Instead of the kiwi and peas, i used fresh orange orange juice and strawberries that i put into paper cups and suck into the freezer. I used plastic spoons instead of                         the popsicle sticks – only because i did not have popsicle sticks handy. The kids absolutely loved this cool treat which i gave them after they finished playing downstairs.


Beating the heat


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  1. That’s so great Gauri! The other I do is add color to the water itself when I freeze them. So my daughter has colored ice cubes that she loves to drag around on paper. And it creates lovely artwork as well.

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