twins and sameness


We have fraternal twins…they look completely different, have very different temperaments, usually like different things…one chooses neatness and order, the other madness and chaos….they could not be more different! 

And, keeping with their individual personalities, we have never tried to dress them the same or get them exactly the same toys or books. It just a duplication of things anyway – the way i look at it.

However, of late i have started noticing how they suddenly want to have similar stuff and do things at the same time. So, if one is wearing an tshirt with a car, they locate another car tshirt for the second twin. If one is eating something the other guy wants it as well. They usually fall ill at the same time too – though i feel that has more to do with them being constantly with each other and passing it on. The newest ‘together’ or ‘same’ thing is using the bathroom. Very very strangely, they both need to use the bathroom at exactly the same time and for the same thing. So even if it a strange not regular time potty – it is for both of them. 

Anyone else with similar experience with twins? 


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Mom - a word that defines me... I smell of oats, johnson's and home baked cookies I am pink, purple, green and orange and so is the floor my kids color on. Flour on my clothes and a brush in my pocket, my glasses bent out of shape and smudged with tiny fingerprints. I can't remember the date but i know almost 40 pictures books by heart. I wake up humming 'wheels on the bus'and i talk with my fingers and eyes and mouth. My bag carries band aids, napkins, wipes, crayons, papers, candy and sometimes my wallet. I know all the parks and very few of the restaurants in my neighborhood. Most of my shopping is diapers, books and paints My phd certificate lies in a roll, the frame now contains an abstract work of art by two year olds and i am prouder of that piece of paper. mom - a word that defines me!

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  1. not with twins Gauri but with cousins. P and his cousin even want to finish their meal ‘same to same’ time. Guess its their way of showing loyalty to the ‘tribe’ 🙂

  2. I remember, when I used to meet my cousins, we would bathe together, eat from same plate, decide and wear similar clothes….
    We had a similar experience this weekend, my ds is 4.5 yrs and his cousins are 3, 6.5 years old boys. We had a fit of laughter when the boys came and said “we need a susu”, apparently it is a “boy thing”….

  3. My girls Adley and Jade are very different as far as temprement goes but they want to always play with the same toy, always eat whatever the other is eating, always sit where the other is sitting and I have noticed they both poop at the same time in the morning almost as they plan it to go that way! They both started to crawl recently and I have come to find out that a lot of times they will go in oposite directions but then end up in the same room trying to eat on the same piece of shoe lace or phone charger when im not looking. I think they tell each other what to do sometimes too. Twins sure are amazing little things arent they?? 🙂 I enjoy your posts very much!

    • Thank you! Yes, i see my boys do exactly what you are saying…it is amazing to watch! And now that they are 2 yrs old, things have become even more fun and interesting. They can spend time playing together, have funny discussions, want to share every bit of info with the other. They spent almost 15 minutes this morning on two sides of a glass door making funny faces and then laughing their heads off!

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