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Bit of a scare


Three boys means we always need to be super attentive. So many simple thongs can be potential hazards.. this evening the twins were playing with play dough while the baby who is now 6 myths old was crawling and rolling on the mattress. I suddenly saw wet green drops on the sheet and thought the twins were putting play dough in their mouth..I usually make my own dough which is safe to eat. Then I saw a few more drops of gooey greenish blue saliva on the sheet and realized that the baby had ingested some play dough.

I tried to put my finger into his mouth but he started throwing up. We had 4 big green and yellow vomits and then mom decided to do a stomach wash.

Got a bunch more of the green gook out. Much crying…but at least it was all out. A quiet feed and the baby went off to sleep.

Never a dull moment!
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a world of learning


Everyday, my boys astound me with the details they observe, marvel at and take in. things that as an adult i just walk past…the very things that the kids exclaim about, stop and stare at. 

This morning was a wonderful example of that. I was lounging on the sofa, reading the paper when Sid yelled out: “Look chip moving! chip moving!” Nish put his car aside and went over to see what Sid was saying. I still had my head buried in the paper when Nish came and jabbed at my arm excitedly..”Aai!! chip moving! LOOK!” I peered over the top of the paper at what the boys were looking and and saw that indeed, the pieces of chip were making their way across the floor. 

Both boys were squatting on the floor and peering at these moving chips. I sat down next to them and showed them how a group of ants had lifted the large bits of chips and were now transporting them. We carefully followed the trajectory of the ant and the chips and I was amazed to see how easily the ants were moving with it and climbing over uneven surfaces and walls. 

After a few minutes of watching Sid suddenly announced that he wanted to brush. Wondering what prompted that? He was worried that the ants would come into his mouth to eat any bits of food that there may be inside! 

hospital visit :(


Never really a fun outing…especially not for a 2 year old. Two year olds are that interesting age where rationalization does not really work and yet they seem to catch everything and understand everything…

Nish was pretty unwell last week…a bad throat and fever and some allergic reaction causing a bronchospasm. in simple terms, he was coughing away, especially at night…a dry strained sounding cough. Which meant no sleep of course! He was also choking on some foods and throwing up.

So, a trip to the hospital was in order…we wanted to rule out any foreign bodies and my pediatrician also suggested nebulization. So no pokes really but Nish tends to get scared so I had to figure out how to make the process as painless and fun as possible…for him and me! 

It did turn out to be quite a peaceful trip…Here are a few things I did which may have helped:

1. I got him excited about the fact that we were going to visit the hospital that my mom (his grandma) worked in

2. We talked about the different instruments we were familiar with – stethoscope, tongue depressor, bp apparatus, syringes. The twins have a doctor’s set that they play with.

3. I told him what the doctor was most likely going to ask him to do..and we did a mock medical exam…So i used a torch to look at his throat, asked him to say Aaaa, peered into his nose and ears and auscultated his chest while asking him to take deep breaths. Then i let him try it on me (which he did very seriously)

4. I carried some of his favorite things with me – a little digger truck, a pad with some crayons in a ziploc, one of his board books and a small dinky car (red beetle). 

5. Once we got to the waiting area, we played “i spy with my little eye” which kept him occupied and in a good mood.

6. I saw a small play area and i promised him we would stop there after the doctor aws done with us

7. Before the nebulization we talked about an older neighbor who also uses a nebulizer. the boys have seen this and are familiar with what a nebulizer is

8. Finally I also told him this would make him feel better.

9. While he was on the nebulizer, i told him a story to keep him focussed and to stop him from pulling the mask off. 


i want a high chair too!!!



My six moth old has started with solids a little while back…i give him pureed khichadi, stewed apples, bananas, carrots, potatoes and sweet potatoes. The little man enjoys his food. Since he started sitting up last month, i used to place him in his bouncer and feed

him…which worked for a few days after which he started objecting. I found him staring with great interest at the twins in their high chairs and so decided to see if he wanted to sit there as well.

problem solved…no more tears! So now he is in the high chair holding his own extra spoon just like his elder brothers! 



Safe spaces


We talk about safety all the time…i started to realize how important safety was when i became a mother.  I suddenly looked at the world very differently. I re-exaimed basic stuff like flooring, tables, windows, doors…

Anyway, took the kids to a park near my mum’s place (August Kranti Maidan). This is where i grew up playing and whenever we visit my mom i try to take the kids there. Now that they are a little older and a little bolder, they want to go on almost everything…small slides, big slides, jungle gyms, swings and see-saws. Never had a problem with this so far. In fact, i let them take small risks and i stand close enough to avert any major falls.  Today they wanted to try a small ‘rock climbing’ face that led up to a walkway to a slide. They went up with a little guidance and once they were at the top they started to run on the bridge to get to the top of the slide. They were about 12 – 15 feet high when i suddenly realized that one  entire side of the walkway was missing protective sides…in fact any sides. Where there ought to have been some toughened plastic there was basically nothing! There were older kids running at full speed and my heart was in my mouth till my boys came down the slide. I basically did not let them on that one again but i am absolutely totally appalled that there could even be a jungle gym that was so dangerous – where is the taxpayer money going???

Mother’s day


Well, it’s not really mother’s day…got that done with a few days ago. my kids have ni clue what it is and honestly it isn’t really that much of a hype here in mumbai for the most part. Between 3 unwell babies, a nanny on leave and being bang in the middle of shifting apartments, the day came and went like any other. My boys wishes me …or rather, they repeated what dad asked them to say “happy mother’s day aai!” It was cute but honestly i was too tired to think about it.

Yesterday, by late afternoon, i was dead tired. I had spent the last two nights staying awake with the 3 babies ..changing sheets and clothes, tepid sponging, holding them as they threw up, hugging them through bad tempers and chills and cough attacks. Post lunch and cleaning up i was beat. The Ibugesic had worked on the twins and with their fever down they were so full of mischief that i wanted to say ‘no’ for every single thing they did…powder on the floor, pouring water on the floor, markers on their tshirts (so what if they are washable…someone still has to wash them!), fighting for the same toys, trying to open all the medicine bottles…and i wasw so super tired that my temper was slowly going up. Finally, when one of the twins dropped a really sticky antibiotic syrup onto a pile of toys, i snapped. I yelled at the boys and lifted them both up and put them on the bed. I wagged my finger at them, put on my sternest face and asked them to “STOP IT RIGHT NOW”. There was stunned silence. i lay down on the bed and said, ‘aai just got very very mad. You are really asking for trouble because you are doing everything you should not be doing. I am sorry if i yelled.” I closed my eyes and took a couple of deep breaths.

Next thing i know both the boys came and snuggled upto me and gave me kisses..”sorry, it’s ok?” Sid came and cuddled, “love you” he said. Nish ran his fingers gently through my hair. “better?” he asked.

Yes my love, much much better. And this was my special mother’s day.

unwell babies


2 wickets down…hopefully the third one won’t succumb but i feel like that it is inevitable. The boys are down with some kind of cough and fever bug. Boys meaning one of the twins and the baby. The other one can’t be too far behind because he wants to be sitting with his brother and giving him big hugs and kisses. 

All of us went to the pediatrician. Sid tagged along too. I asked him if it was because he was worried about his brothers but he very candidly announced that it was for the stickers and chocolates that he wanted from our pediatrician. oh well, at least he is honest if not sympathetic. 

He is also feeling very left out and wants to take medicines along with his brothers. So he pretends to cough and walks around touching his forehead saying “hot hot”. 

it’s been a rough two days and even rougher two nights. Both Nish and the baby want only me and because i am spending so much time with the two of them (more nish actually) his twin is trying all kids of things for attention. A lot of the dinky cars are being tossed out of the window, he peed deliberately in the veranda last evening just to get a reaction out of me and painted on the floor with mango juice…oh well…another deep breath before we mop up the mess. 

horn ok please!


My home is full of cars…and buses and trucks…of all kinds…small ones, big ones, plastic ones and die cast one. there are pull back cars and pull along cars and push along cars and step on top of and take a toss cars…we have tractors and diggers and dump trucks and cement mixers…taxis and rickshaws and police cars and ambulances…and a whole lot of fire engines too!

So yeah…my home if full of cars. And they seem to grow in number every week. I am partly to blame for that..can never resist picking up a new something for the car collection. And then there are neighbors and friends and family who all know how car crazy my boys are. Not just the twins…the little 51/2 month old too…he has totally skipped rattles and play gyms and fuzzy toys and moved straight to the cars his brothers are obsessed with.

Storing the cars is not easy. I keep trying to think of what to do with them. So far i was using a couple of large plastic boxes (old washing machine powder boxes to be precise) for the slightly larger cars and the metal and cardboard single malt/whiskey containers that we had at home for the small die cast and plastic cars. That helped us segregate cars a little bit and the kids could walk around with a bunch f cars in a container if required.

I saw a couple of nice ideas on a blog today:

Really liked the idea of a multi-storey parking that is mentioned there and am going to try that for the boys room. Since we have multi-storey mechanized parking in our building the boys might get a kick out of having their own parking garage!

Oh, another fun thing we do while playing with the cars is create a terrain of sorts. This was inspired by a visit by my cousin last week. So we put a few toys on the floor and then put a stiff rug on top of them creating bumps for the cars to slide down.

Other than that, we pass cars to each other, race cars or drive them all over the place…under chairs (tunnels) over the arms of the sofa (bridge or sea-link), etc.

Gajapati Kulapati


All three boys are down with colds. Loud sneezes and runny noses are the current status update. Figured it was the right time to pull out a book I picked up recently – Gajapati Kulapati by Ashok Rajagopalan. (Tulika Publications)


This is a fun and endearing story about a temple elephant who catches a bad cold. What with stuffy tickly noses and constant sneezes, my boys identified quite easily with the plight of the poor large elephant whose sneezes were blowing people off their feet! (ˆSmall noses catch small colds, Big noses catch big colds)

The story is very basic and while this was not a book i fell in love with when i bought it, the boys seem to have really liked it and want to read it over and over again. In fact, now when they hear someone sneeze, they immediately say ‘gajapati kulapati!!”

The story also introduces various people like the postman, the milkman, etc which is something my boys related to as well.

Pajama Time


New book added to our collection – Pajama Time by Sandra Boynton…a gift to the boys from my cousin. They love it like they do all her other books…and so do I.


It is super silly, has a nice rhyme and rhythm to it and talks about something as mundane as pajamas, turning it into something so fun…So for the last 2 nights, we have read this together after the boys had their evening shower and changed into their night clothes..cos that is the right time to read it…it’s pajama time!

I get the boys to join me as i read…the book reads almost like a song and both the twins jump around while i read it…they absolutely love the part that goes jamma jamma jamma jamma PJ!! We read it 2-3 times and every time they yell along for this part!

Finally, at the last reading, i slow down towards the end and get my voice to taper down to a whisper as the boys get into bed and lie down.

If you can get your hands on it, i would recommend it for you toddlers.