When sophie get angry by Molly Bang


The terrible twos are here…and from what I am seeing around me, they evolve into the fearsome fours and fives…so it is going to be a long road ahead. Right now we are dealing with major tantrums, whines and other assertions of independence (and therefore defiance of  lot of expected behavior).

Figured it was probably a good time to get hold of Molly Bang’s book, When Sophie gets angry.

The book is something I related to right away… Sophie’s tantrums sound a lot like what I see everyday. Crying, screaming, throwing stuff..mg boys do that quite well. The boys were also amused with Sophie and recognized some of her behavior as similar to theirs. I also drew the parallel the last few times the boys had their tantrums ( said because I shut the bathroom door instead of him And nish because his brother opened the box of puzzles and picked one that he wanted).

The illustrations and especially the use of colors is very clever..so red backgrounds and zooming in on Sophie when she is angry and shades of blue as she calms down.

Definitely a book I have enjoyed reading…and I draw some comfort in the fact that these tantrums are fairly common and not just something that only I seem to be dealing with. 


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