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“pot”tering around


Cannot take my eyes off the baby for even a minute. Last evening we were all hanging out in the living room and i was playing with Amu (y 10 month old). MY husband asked me to sign a couple of forms and so i looked away for probably just a minute. Looked back up and saw that the baby was not in the room. “Where’s Amu?” I asked my husband. “Oh, he was right here” I quickly started looking around for him when i heard something that sounded like a screech. it was coming from my bathroom. Rushed inside and there he was …don’t really now how he managed this but the baby was (yes you got it if you have now glanced back a the title of this post)…in the pot!!! Standing inside it with no clue on how to get out. I have no clue how he got in…gross…and scary!Washed him well and changed his clothes…he seemed none the worse …if anything, maybe slightly flushed. 


Monday Morning Blues


Got back to school after the weekend..last week the boys were fairly ok…no crying, a little clinging. Today was a different ball game. Day started off with Sid refusing breakfast. Made several attempts and then finally left home at 8.40 am. By around 9.30 he started feeling hungry and irritable Gave him a small part of his snack and told him to have the rest in a bit during snack time….but this led to a meltdown and he had a minor tantrum. (operative word, and i thank my stars for it, is minor). Both the boys were clingy today and did not want to got into the classroom at all. Towards the end, as one of the teachers was reading a story, Nish went inside because he wanted to hear what she was saying but Sid remained on the outside next to me. 

Tomorrow…let me see what you bring!!!

a blast in the bath!


The boys have always enjoyed their bath time but the past couple of days have been especially fun. Here are a couple of fun things we did …a good way to beat the heat too!


We filled up a tub with water and i added food color to the water as well as some bubble bath. So yesterday we had lime green water and today was violet. I gave the boys a bunch of plastic cups and mugs and also a blue plastic bowl with their plastic sea toys (crabs, turtles, fish, etc.) Today i also threw in some colored ice cubes for good measure!

A friend of ours gifted them a fun bath toy and so we assembled it and set it up in the bath room too. In addition, I put some shaving foam on the wall for the boy and let the three of them play and have a blast…which they totally did. Tomorrow they want pink water 🙂



tender moments


My twins play together quite a lot but they squabble constantly over something or the other…they want the same shoes, the same shirt, if one of them has something the other guy has to have it (and another identical thing will not do…they need the SAME one).  At home they argue and complain to me about the other…but i am beginning to see a very different side to them in school. 

Today there were three or four instances that kind of melted my heart…Nish managed to get his finger stuck in a bench. Sid was playing at the other end of the space but saw that his brother seemed to be distressed so he came running up to kiss his finger. 

Later Nish finished all the water from his bottle and Sid gave him his water bottle to drink from.

When another boy pushed Nish and made him cry, Sid promptly ran up to find out what the matter was.

And when the teacher noticed a large handprint in beige paint on the door, Nish was quick to assure her that Sid was not responsible! 

Nish also picked up Sid’s backpack and carried it for his to the gate before they left school. 


Boys can wear lipstick too


The conversations my twins have are quite hilarious sometimes. This evening as i was sitting and sipping on my tea, the two of them began (yet again) a detailed exploration of my dressing table drawers. They found something that had miracuously escaped their attention on earlier raids of this nature – a tube of lipstick. “What is this?” Sid asked Nish. Nish looked at it very intently and figured out that the top could be pulled off. It was an old lipstick and not really a shade i liked much (i hardly ever use make up in any case) so i did not flinch when Nish stuck a very curious finger down the tube and puled it out with a blob of pink on it. “Crayon nahi ahe” (it is not a crayon) he told Sid. “Aai what is this???” they yelled. It’s a lipstick…for my lips, i answered. “Lipstick ahe” Nish repeated. For the lips. “Aai put it on please” Sid requested. I refused and continued with my tea. “Is it like nailpaint??” Sid asked Nish. “No it is for the lips” he replied. Sid promptly declared that he wanted to try it out but Nish told him that it was for girls. “No!” said Sid, “it is not only for girls. It is for boys too”. He too put his index finger in and pulled it out with a blob of lipstick on the front. He first tried painting his nails with it and when i finally looked up from my book, i was horrified to see that he had it all over his face, including on his eyelids and lashes. 

I had to very carefully clean it off while he told me it was burning his eye…”what were you trying Sid?!” i asked him. “Aai, boys can wear liptick too right?” he asked. Yes they can…this little boy certainly was!

school day 3


Day 3 was much better than I anticipated. The kids woke up excited about school and a lot of the conversation in the car as they sat in their car seats on the way there was about what they were going to do in school today. Again, Sid went straight for the water – which was pink today (the older kids were learning the letter p) and had lots of bottles and cups to play with. Nish was delighted to find that the green car he had been eyeing for the past two days was not occupied and so he promptly hopped on and drove around the open outdoor space with a silly grin plastered on his face and making loud vroom sounds. Both boys tried their hand at some carpentry and painting. Today for the first time since monday, i found them playing together for some time as they both rode around in their cars. 

Absolutely no crying or clinging. Sid finished his sprouts and beans and most of his carrots. They were so engaged post snack time that they did not want to leave. They were the last 2 kids to get out of the classroom and waved loud cheerful goodbyes to the teachers.

I guess the acid test will be when we start the weaning process and i have to leave the space …it will be interesting to see how they cope without me here physically. 

Although so far the school is going well, one little fellow has been very traumatized. Baby Amu is so used to having the twins around and playing with them and following them around everywhere that he is absolutely miserable after we leave in the morning. He mopes and sulks and wants to constantly be picked up. His whole face lit up when we got home today and he could not get enough of his brothers! I hope he settles down soon too! 

Things that fascinate my kids


Ever since the boys were really small (about a year old i think) they have been fascinated by the little altar at home. They enjoy watching us pray in the morning and in fact have a cute ritual with Dad where they ask him to name the different deities in the altar who they then proceed to salute with a reverential namaste. They love puja time and enjoy listening to some of the aartis. 


I let the boys play with the puja stuff…they have been carefully observing and when they play it is interesting to see how they do some of the stuff they have seen us doing. Sid, especially at the temple, is worth watching. He stands in front of the idol, his eyes closed tightly, praying in his mind for God alone knows what. Then he puts his forehead down on the ground before lying prostrate and offering his namaskar. Then he leans towards the incense or the diya and guides the smoke with his hands to his head. I look at him and wonder how this same boy can be running around the house jumping on and off sofas and grabbing anything his brother takes!


They love to do their own puja. So they sit with all the silver puja stuff…the little plate, the incense holder, the silver lamp, the little puja bell and can be at it for quite some time…and look so happy doing it. There is a little brass idol i have of baby Krishna that they really like to include in their detailed puja play! 


And, they are slowly learning some of the prayers…one for the morning and one that we say in the evening when we light a lamp. Of course, the words are quite garbled and the kids have substituted some words with others that make more sense to them. I heard Sid very seriously singing “shubham karoti kalyaanlaa” instead of shubham karoti kalyanam” …He knows that there is a place called Kalyan and i guess for him it made more sense to say Kalyanla (at kalyan) rather than kalyanam which is a sanskrit word they are unlikely to have heard outside of the prayer context. 


School day 2


I thought today would be better than yesterday…but that was not the case. I guess the novelty of things kept the boys more excited yesterday. Today, they were great during free play time…barely looked at me. They painted, played with sand, did some carpentry and played with cars and trucks. When it was time to go into the classroom for music both Sid and Nish came and stood by me. Not clinging, not crying or whining but not keen on going inside either. I sat there and kept reading my book. After a while they moved to the window The teacher gave them little chairs so they could sit outside the classroom an still see what was happening. I could see that they were interested…especially when the class started singing Wheels on the Bus which the twins love..but not interested enough to go in. 

Later, they had gymnastics and they watched the gym teacher helping other kids do somersaults. During this time, Nish was busy trying to dislodge his bag from the hook (refused any help offered) and Sid was alternating between peeking into the classroom and running around the outdoor space. Finally Sid ventured in and made a few attempts at somersaults on his own.  Their interest perked up when the kids were painting inside and so they finally went in and did home hand painting and some painting with shaving brushes…in fact, they seemed to enjoy this and were reluctant to stop although it was almost time to go home.

The teachers are patient and non pushy which is good. I sit on the bench and look busy and redirect the kids to the teachers if they come to ask me for or about anything. If they want to sit with me it’s ok…they will go back in when they are ready and interested. 

Tomorrow is another day. Sid seems excited about the whole snack box deal – he polished off his jam and cheese sandwiches and wants beans and sprouts and carrot sticks tomorrow! 

Day 1 at school


So…preschool started today. Day 1 was actually not bad at all. No sobbing and weeping…no clinging and screaming. Nish walked around like a veteran…he played for the longest time at the water table before delightfully jumping onto a trike and then a car and driving around most happily. Sid today was a little quiet and spent a few minutes by my side before moving on to some water play and then off to try his hand at carpentry. He was a little more clingy than his twin and would come by to stand next to me every 15 – 20 minutes. He got a little fussy and whiny at the end of 2 hours but did not want to leave…so stayed till school was done. Also, during music time, Sid chose to sit outside the classroom on a chair where he was closer to me. The teachers were all very patient and kept the boys busy with stuff, trying to understand their likes and dislikes and figure out their marathi-bangla-english mixed up language! 


The boys were so excited about their bags and water bottles and snack boxes! They looked so thrilled to sip from the new bottle and to sit at the table and snack on their dry fruits. And though Sid was a little whiny he seems all excited to go again tomorrow. As he was falling asleep he told me very sweetly: aai, tomorrow you sit on the bench and i will sit in the class when they are singing ok! 


Tomorrow they want to paint and read books. let’s see what the new day brings. 




waterbottles:      check

school bags:       check

tiffin boxes:        check

shoes labelled:  check

clothes kept out, ready and ironed:  check check check

ok…i think i am set for tomorrow…the twins start school and i am super excited for them. Managed to get them both into bed fairly early and set everything i need for the morning….did not want to leave anything for the last moment because i never know what my morning will look like! it may be peaceful, happy and smooth. It may be filled with tantrums and fights and very upset boys…so not taking a chance. 

Will post tomorrow about their first day!