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My ‘masterchef’ dinner


Earlier tonight, after the boys were done with dinner and their shower, they were playing in their room, and I decided to watch some TV. So i turned one of the few non-violent, non abusive shows …also one of my favs – masterchef australia! When they heard the TV all three boys came out from their room to the family room and Nish asked if he could watch my ‘cooking thing show’ with me. For my boys who generally get no TV at all even a cooking show seems like a luxury and so Nish cozied up to watch. In the meanwhile, Sid and Amu came up with their ELC cooking set and set it up on the floor. Then began an elaborate cooking session while i tried hard to continue watching Masterchef.

I was served a lot of interesting dishes in rapid succession…broccoli with a delicious sauce and cold coffee to go with it (Sid got into the groove and gave me some chilled water just to make it more real). Amu gave me “yummy yummy chichen” and “cold juice”. Then I had lovely boiled eggs with a specially made ketchup and fresh veggies on the side. Sid even loaded up 2-3 plates and a glass of water on a tray and very slowly and cautiously got it to me without spilling the water.

“Are you having a good meal?” he asked. “Aai, good meal?” Amu repeated after his brother.

Yes indeed little boys I am!


an old phone??


When we gave Sid an old cell phone to distract him from one of the many fights he was having with Nish, we little realized what a world we were opening up….(and sadly, how important he thinks a phone is!)

He has been walking around, looking busy, planning ‘important meetings’, sharing thoughts about all possible things and even just sitting and nodding like he is listening with lots of “ohs!” and “achha” and “oks” thrown in.

Last evening is dialled frantically. “hello! Hello!! 101? i have emergency! Fire in my house. Come fast”. He was versatile enough to provide the sound of the fire engine while continuing his pleas for help as well as instructions on the old phone. He got a bowl for his his (as a helmet) and came in and realistically hosed down the fire. Then he promptly called up another imaginary person to tell him about he fire and the rescue! 

His twin Nish is not bothered about the phone, but for Sid it has become a valuable possession, just like his glasses which he likes to wear perched on top of his head like “ajoba” (his grandfather). Amu is not that interested in the phone, but he has quickly figured out that he easiest way to currently get a rise out of Sid is by making off with the cell phone or threatening to throw it! 

No strings attached


I try to refrain from corny titles to the posts but what can i say..it’s a habit i find hard to kick.  anyway, this is a very different type of string i am writing about…

Like i have said so many times before, kids only need their imagination to be able to have fun…sure fancy toys (like our ELC cooking set) add to the fun but they can manage perfectly well with random junk and non junk around the house and a good dose of imagination.

this morning my boys found a longish piece of plastic string that came as a part of packaging around a carton of groceries from the market. It’s a very ordinary greenish blue string of plastic with a couple of knots along its length form earlier use (yes the glorious and wonderful recycling tradition of India!)

anyway, they pulled and yanked it off the cardboard carton. First they made the most of the carton…Sid promptly climbed inside and tried to close the sides onto himself. Then Nish started pushing him slowly along the passage crying out loudly “Bhaaaji! Kaandaa! Batata!” (vegetables for sale! onions and potatoes). After some time of vegetable sales they tired of the carton like it did of them (i certainly don’t see it being used again as a carton) and shifted their attention to the string.

Sid took the string, waved it around wildly and said “Rhino!!!! run Nishu!! Rhino coming!”. With a loud shriek Nish scampered off..half running half bouncing in his excitement! The rhino metamorphosed into various animals…a panther, a tiger, a leopard and a rhino again…there may have been other roles it played but i was not running through the rooms after the boys so i cannot be sure. 

Finally exhausted they ‘parked’ the rhino by the table and moved onto flipping through a National Geographic magazine that they found.