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A school full of memories


It has been six months since we left Mumbai but still, when we took a short trip down last week and I asked the boys where they wanted to go and who they wanted to see, they both almost instantly said “By the Sea!” And so, almost like a pilgrimage, we went back to the school where my boys had started preschool last october. They attended school at By the Sea for about 6-7 months and in that short period of time formed such amazing bonds with their teachers and friends…something that made them call out their school’s name as one of the first places they wanted to go to in Mumbai.  In fact, even when we moved from Mumbai to Bangalore and went looking for preschools, the benchmark that By the Sea had set for us was simply too high and very little seemed to measure up to it. As i turned away from yet another school looking dissatisfied, my husband finally said “babes…let it go…we are not going to find another By the Sea here!” Even Sid and Nish used BTS as a yardstick for schools they visited with us. “This does not have cars like BTS!” or “There are no paints set up here!”

We finally found a school we liked but it was difficult to move on from BTS. As a parent and an educator, I could not think of a single instance when i was dissatisfied with BTS. The approach, the setting (literally by the sea), the space and the way it was done up, how open and welcoming everyone was, and most most importantly…the absolutely WONDERFUL and capable team of teachers and staff…the school was like a dream come true for me. I felt connected to the school, its philosophy, the team, other kids and parents. It was warm, friendly, non-threatening and safe. And so did my kids…they bounced off to school everyday, singing on the way there and chattering away about their day on the way back. They have made friends who we are still very much in touch with.

For people in south and central Mumbai…this is a preschool you really must look at. They start only when the kid is 2 1/2. The principal and teachers will bend backwards to help the child settle in and get comfortable. I loved how the environment nurtured my twins who are so very different as individuals and learners. The school has an inclusive approach and they are very open in general. The principal and teachers are very impressive..and warm, genuine caring individuals. The teachers know every kid and understand their pulse. There is space to run around outdoors. The indoor space is beautiful. There is a focus on art, music and free play and it is basically a lovely space that allows kids to be kids.

I realized how much the boys missed their old school when we went there last week. Although school was closed, the principal had opened up the classroom and set out their favorite trikes and cars…the boys were zooming around the school and it was almost like we had never left…I though we would be their for 10-15 minutes but the kids did not want to leave and we were there for almost an hour and half!

I am glad we were lucky to be part of this wonderful experience and while I am sure that the boys will love their other schools too I am so thankful that their first experience at formal schooling was as magical as this!

You can check out their website: http://www.bythesea.in  or visit them on FB


New school…week 2


A little over a week ago, the twins started out at their new school. The first three days were exciting and the boys barely glanced back to say good bye after I dropped them off at the gate. But then this week things have changed. While Nish absolutely loves going to school and looks forward to each day there Sid is having a tough time with the separation from me. The last couple of months he has been home and principally hanging out with yours truly. 

So each morning, as we round the corner for school, Sid starts whimpering, his lower lip and chin quivering, that he does not want to go to school. By the time i pull up outside the school gate, he is bawling quite loudly. He negotiates with me…if i go in, will you stay in school? Or, I will go in after 5 minutes. Let’s talk for 5 minutes more. 

I feel sorry for him, yet i know that it is a matter of time before he settles in. He had a similar initial period in his earlier preschool and then he settled in beautifully. All the same i feel really sad when he looks like that. This evening he even tried to fabricate a tummy ache. “my stomach hurts, aai. I don’t feel very well. I don’t think i will be able to go to school tomorrow”.

I hope he settles down. Otherwise so fiercely independent, this is a side of his that is tough to understand and tough to see!